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Library Hours
Monday - Thursday
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
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Computers & Internet Services




Patrons age 18 and over with a library card in good standing may use the computers at the Wood Dale Public Library. Minors under the age of 18 must have parental consent to use the libraries computers. Visiting patrons over the age of 18 may request a Guest Pass.


To use simply walk up to an unoccupied computer in the labs and enter your library card number and PIN. If you do not have a Wood Dale Library card, you can request a guest pass at the Public Service desk. For reservations ask at the Public Service desk or call the Library at 630-766-6762. Group reservations must be made one week in advance to allow for scheduling. You may only have one reservation active at a time.


  • All patrons are allowed 60 minutes of computer use per day.
  • For reservations, the grace period for late arrivals is 10 minutes, which subtracts from your total time for the day. After the 10-minute grace period, the session drops from the queue.
  • Make sure that all work is saved on an external drive or email to yourself before your session ends, the computers will restart after the end of each session and all work will be lost.
  • Make sure to print all work before ending your session. If you need to make changes to your print job and have ended your session, you will need to reserve another session, and if all computers are busy, you will have to wait.
  • The Print Station will hold print jobs for 36 hours.
  • Users may lock their session in case they need to step away from the computer. Locking the session will prevent others from signing on to your computer; however, the locked time is deducted from your total minutes of computer use for the day.
  • Sessions will automatically expire after 10 minutes of no activity.
  • All sessions will end 10 minutes before the closing time of the library.
  • Users may only use their own library card to access the computers.
  • Guest sessions are limited to a one-time use on the day that the pass is issued.
  • The Library is not responsible for damage to a user’s program or storage devices.
  • No user files may be stored on library equipment, and files are automatically erased from the hard drive at the end of each session.
  • Use of headphones for computer generated sound is required.
  • Removing mouse and keyboard covers is prohibited during sessions. Covers may be disposed of after the session is over.

Library staff assistance is limited to basic instruction only. Staff members do not provide extended computer or application training sessions except by appointment or during scheduled classes

The Library may place limitations on time and manner of computer use in order to allocate computer and Internet access as equitably as possible.

Information passing through the Library’s wireless access is not secured. It is your responsibility to protect your information from all risks associated with using the Internet including any damage, loss or theft that may occur as a result of your use of the Library’s wireless access. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal equipment, its safety or damage.

The Library affirms the right and responsibility of parents to determine and monitor their children’s use of all Library materials and resources. Parents or guardians may restrict their children under the age of 18 from library computer access. Parents are also responsible to warn their children about the inherent dangers of disclosing personal information. Users should be aware that careless use of technology may compromise privacy.



The Wood Dale Public Library District (the “Library”) is committed to providing computer and Internet access to Library users through computers and wireless access for the purposes of learning, obtaining information, creating content, communicating with others and other appropriate tasks consistent with the Library’s mission.  Best efforts will be made to provide access to these services during all open hours; however, planned or unforeseen circumstances may require computers or wireless access to be made unavailable.

The Library has no control over information found on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for any of its content.
While reasonable efforts are made by the Library to guard against malware and to protect user privacy, no guarantees can be made as to the security and privacy of any activity conducted on Library computers.  Users conducting personal business on Library computers do so at their own risk.

The Library’s wireless Internet service is an open, public network with no security.  Patrons connecting to the Internet with their personal devices on the Library’s wireless network do so at their own risk.
Library computers may be used only for purposes that are legal and appropriate for a public environment.  Examples of unacceptable uses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Display of sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar or pornographic materials;
  • Harassment of other users, threatening other users, or taking any action that violates the privacy of other users;
  • Libeling, slandering or maliciously offending other users;
  • Violation(s) or attempted violation(s) of federal or state law, including but not limited to copyright and intellectual property laws;
  • Identity misrepresentation on the internet with the intention of committing harm, fraud or other unethical or illegal conduct;
  • Violating or attempting to violate software licensing agreements;
  • Attempting to crash, degrade performance or gain unauthorized access to other computer systems, security and networks;
  • Damaging, adding, deleting or modifying the installed hardware or software;
  • Installing or attempting to install software, malware or other programs on Library computers or equipment;
  • Behaving in any manner that violates library policies and procedures, is destructive and/or disruptive to other users, including but not limited to overuse of computer equipment which serves to deny access to other users.

The Library is not responsible for any damage to the user’s own computers, devices, or equipment while connected to library wired or wireless networks, or while connected to any of the library’s equipment. The Library is not responsible for any loss of data or damage to portable media that may occur when saving files.

By using Library computers or the wireless network, patrons are agreeing to all the conditions detailed in this Internet and Computer Use Policy.  Violations of these and other rules governing the use of the Internet and computers in the Library may result in loss of access and suspension of Library privileges. The Library will deal with unlawful activities in an appropriate manner.



Printing, Faxing, Media, and Headphone fees:

Black & White printing - $.10 / Page
Color Printing - $.25 / Page
Faxing: Free
USB Flash Drive - Price available at the Public Service Desk
Headphones/Earbuds - Price available at the Public Service Desk

Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Wood Dale Public Library provides free wireless internet access to patrons who bring in their own laptops. We ask that you use this service responsibly and observe the same Internet use policy as stated above and on our public PC's.
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