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Transformation of Your Library


September 2020 Update 

During September, the construction crew finished installing the exterior brick on the new addition. The new addition is also having structural steel installed at this time. If you visited the Library recently, you have noticed that the construction activity expanded beyond the initial footprint at the back of the library. Multiple storm sewer drains were installed at various locations of the Library’s property. The Library Transformation Project brings some needed improvements to the Library site, including an expanded parking area, adding twelve more parking spaces, new and more efficient LED parking lot lighting, and additional safe walkways. Work on the site improvements is underway with the demolition of the old service drive in preparation for the new parking area and walkways on the northeast side of the Library. Please use caution when visiting the library on days the library parking lot and grounds are busy with construction activity.

 Visit our Facebook page to see the work in progress. #wdpltransforms


August 2020 Update  

In July, the floor slab was poured completing the floor of the addition. The next few weeks were busy with building of the masonry exterior walls, insulating them and installing exterior brick to match the existing building. Some interior masonry walls were also installed. Roofing work continued throughout July and into August. All shingles on the existing building were replaced along with gutters and downspouts. Roof sheeting was replaced as needed eliminating previous issues with roof leaks. At the end of August, electrical work continued with saw cutting the floor to install electrical floor boxes.

 Visit our Facebook page to see the work in progress. #wdpltransforms


June 2020 Update  

In June a temporary partition was built inside the library separating the two phases of the project. For the duration of Phase 1 the library will be accessible to the public from the front door only and the library will operate with a limited collection space. After the temporary partition was erected selective demolition work started right away on the inside and outside of the library. Many interior building components were removed and portions of the library's old addition were demolished. In addition, mechanical systems were disconnected from the operational part of the building. On the exterior of the library, underground ductwork, plumbing, and electrical was installed and the foundation was backfilled. Roofing work also started replacing the shingles on the existing building.

Visit our Facebook page to see the work in progress. #wdpltransforms


May 2020 Update

May continues to be an exciting month in the Transformation of Your Library Project. On May 4, President Norris officially kicked off the project with a groundbreaking appearance. Due to COVID-19, we regret we were unable to hold an official groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate with the community.

Exterior work began by preparing the back of the Library for construction. Construction activities in May include stripping the topsoil and getting the area ready for foundation excavation, foundation framing and pouring of the foundation. 

Inside the Library, the Transformation Project has two phases. The first Phase allows the Library to operate out of the front portion of the existing building, while the second Phase involves the Library operating out of the new addition and a portion of the existing renovated facility.

This month Library Staff worked to get the Library into position for Phase I for the community. Library Staff coordinated with movers to get your collection and shelving into a new configuration. A portion of your library collection, shelving, and other items are in off-site storage while other items remain inside the Library for Phase I. Follow us on social media for pictures and videos of the various construction activities and check our website for updates!


April 2020 Update

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Your Library is undergoing a significant transformation of our space to better serve the library community. Your Library is being transformed to provide greater ease of access, more efficient use of space, and a design reflective of the ultimate goal of the library.

We want to insure that all district residents have access to library materials and programs; to encourage literacy and the joy of reading; to promote lifelong learning; and to experience a sense of community in a welcoming environment. This transformation of your Library supports initiatives so the community can Reach, Explore, Achieve and Dream.

Library staff has been continuing to work to prepare the collection and interior to position your Library for the first phase of the transformation project.  Outside work is scheduled to begin the week of April 26.  The May-June community newsletter showcases details about the project. We will be updating the community as the project progresses through our Website and social media postings. Thank you for your support as we embark on this Library journey together.


Library Building Renditions

We're so exited to show you three conceptual drawings for the upcoming library renovation and expansion project. This project enhances our abilites to better meet the educational and lifelong learning opportunities for our library patrons.


Entering the Library: This view shows entering the Library with the glass walls in the back which gives a view of the Youth Services Programming area. These walls can be opened to further expand the Library floor when formal programs are not in session and allows us to provide an area for independent child/parent learning activities.


Activity Room

Youth Services Learning Lab: This view shows the side of the tiled Youth Services Learning Lab area for hands-on STEAM activities. The horizontal line shows our existing room which allows for two rows of two 8 foot tables. The addition allows us to have five rows of tables (total of ten tables) in the Learning Lab area. Also, the moveable walls in the room and moveable glass walls in the front allows us great flexibility for learning opportunities.  


Backside View of Addition:  This view shows the back of the Library addition.



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